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Ways to Help

 Guest Speakers and School ActivitiesDo you work for an engineering or biotech company? Volunteers are needed to do in-class presentations about their experiences and company to local PLTW middle and high school students. In addition, several PLTW schools host annual Career Fairs, where local companies set up a booth to showcase their company and talk to students of job opportunities available. Moreover, PLTW and several schools host several competitions, include our annual Chevron Design Challenge, which we invite local companies to help judge the events.
 Field Trip and/or Job Shadow Day SiteSimilar to the opportunity to be Guest Speakers, exposing students to your engineering and biotech company through field trips and/or a job shadow day are great opportunities to showcase your job and workplace. If your company can provide additional support, internship opportunities for the junior and senior PLTW high school students can provide additional exposure to the STEM fields prior to attending college.
 Mentorships Students are constantly working on STEM-related competitions and projects, such as the FIRST Robotics Competition or VEX Robotics Competition. Have a specific area of expertise (programming, aerospace, 3D modeling, manufacturing, etc)? We can help match you up with a local PLTW school.
 Industry Advisory Committee Member Volunteer to be your company’s outreach advocate at a local middle and/or high school’s PLTW Partnership Team. A PLTW partnership team is the link that connects PLTW’s innovative education program to the community, the local economy, and local industry needs.

A partnership team is a group of collaborative stakeholders that provide leadership and actions required to support and enhance exceptional STEM student learning experiences. Partnership teams play a vital role in the sustainability and efficacy of the PLTW programs. The goal of the partnership team is to develop and implement a strategic plan that creates essential connections to the community, enhances the PLTW program through continuous improvement, and ensures student success in STEM educational opportunities and careers. Partnership teams provide advocacy for the program to the school administration, school board, local businesses, and the community. They provide resources for the classrooms, mentors and role models for students, and local relevance and guidance for teachers.
 Donations and Scholarships With the budget crisis negatively affecting our education system, any monetary or equipment donations would help PLTW schools uphold the quality education its students deserve. Additional donations can be used to “adopt a school or class” and provide the proper equipment to run the PLTW courses (VEX robotics kits, software programs such as Inventor or Revit, etc). In addition, donations to be used for scholarships can be awarded to students specifically majoring in engineering. SDSU and PLTW currently have a Preferred Admissions Program (students who have taken 2 or more PLTW engineering courses and have received a B or better in those courses, have a 3.0 GPA or higher, meet all A-G and SDSU admissions requirements, submit a portfolio demonstrating their PLTW work, AND plans to major in engineering are eligible). It would be great to offer some form scholarship to help with tuition or books for these PLTW Scholar Students accepted to SDSU through this program.
 Additional Ideas Sponsor a Campus-Exposure Day: Working with SDSU and UCSD, local middle and high school students selected to participate in this Campus-Exposure Day, will have the opportunity to visit both SDSU and UCSD’s campuses for a day. Event bus or transportation will be provided for students and a chaperone (parent or teacher). Event details can include: campus tours, the opportunity to meet engineering and science-related students (if possible, sit in during a class), maybe have engineering or science-related student organizations run a few activities for the attendees, lunch with the engineering undergraduates, etc.

Day Camp: Several local engineering and biotech companies can volunteer to be present and run mini workshops that include hands-on activities and mini presentations. Maybe include a workshop where parents and/or teachers can attend talking about college applications and local companies that fall under the various STEM-related fields.

Local Competition: The Rotary STEM Academy can create a competition asking students to solve an issue, such as cleaning up an oil spill, using a limited or unlimited amount of supplies. Your team can judge the projects/ideas and award the students with classroom supplies or scholarships.

Student Presentation:
Either hosting a gala or using one of the Rotary STEM Academy Meeting as an opportunity to invite local middle and high school students to showcase their engineering work to the public (similar to the CCTE Showcase). Additional opportunities could include our Chevron Design Challenge winners can present to you their winning 3D model product either from the San Diego or State Finals competition.
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