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Additional PLTW Support

Project Lead The Way at San Diego State University can be a helpful resource for many school districts, teachers, and students. The following are just some of the additional support we have to offer:

✔ Assistance in arranging a College of Engineering tour (for both Middle and High Schools) through the SDSU College of Engineering Ambassadors Program.

✔ Assistance in scheduling presentations (with SDSU College of Engineering student organization leaders) for your PLTW classes.

✔ Outreach to students by providing STEM events and opportunities throughout the year.

✔ Be an Affiliate Site for the Femineers Program.

✔ Provide PLTW high school students with an annual Regional IED Competition. The top 3 teams qualify to attend the California State Chevron Engineering Design Finals.

✔ Provide PLTW teachers with additional (FREE) Professional Development workshops in various PLTW courses throughout the school year, in the Fall and Spring (i.e. availability of course refresher workshops will vary per affiliate site).

✔ Offer PLTW scholarships (for PLTW high school students applying for SDSU’s College of Engineering; please refer to the Scholarships page for more information).

✔ Offer PLTW California Scholar Student Medallions and Certificates for high school students who have completed 3 or more PLTW High School courses with a B or better.

✔ Hold an annual PLTW California Conference to strengthen the PLTW California network and improve the PLTW programs at various schools through networking opportunities and professional development workshops.

✔ Host PLTW Core Training Institute sessions annually at SDSU where new and returning PLTW teachers attend their course trainings.

✔ Provide students with digital badges on STEM Premier (For Chevron Design Challenge, Scholar Students, Girls Day Out, STEM Camps, Girls Coding Camp, etc.)

✔ Provide students accepted to SDSU through the PLTW Preferred Admissions Program a Scholar brunch, additional professional development, scholarships, summer internships, etc.

Contact Michelle Bunn, for additional information
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