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Admission assistance program between San Diego State University and the California Project Lead the Way Affiliate Institute



Students within the SDSU service area (south of Hwy 56 in San Diego County and in Imperial County) who are wishing to pursue an engineering degree through the College of Engineering at SDSU and who will have completed 2 Project Lead the Way Engineering Pathway courses at their high school with a minimum grade of “B”. At least 1 of the 2 Project Lead The Way Engineering Pathway courses MUST be taken before their senior year. Once admitted, students cannot change their major to a non-engineering major for at least one year.


1. Create a STEM Premier Account before they register for the program. 
2. Register with the PLTW Affiliate Institute as early as their freshman year. ALL students must register by June 30th of their junior year to be considered.
Class of 2019 
(NOTE: Only students entering SDSU Fall 2019 can apply on this registration link)
Class of 2020
(NOTE: Only students entering SDSU Fall 2020 can apply on this registration link)
Class of 2021 

(NOTE: Only students entering SDSU Fall 2021 can apply on this registration link)

3. Apply to SDSU via Cal State Apply by November 30th of their senior year. Students MUST select one of the following College of Engineering Majors: 

Aerospace Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Construction Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Mechanical Engineering   
4. Submit their SDSU RedID # to the Affiliate Institute by December 5th of their senior year. This can be done via the following link: 

5. Submit a portfolio of their engineering work using STEM Premier by 8:00 am on January 30th of their senior year of high school that will be evaluated by the Affiliate Director.

6. Attain a 3.0 GPA college-weighted.

7. Complete all CSU A-G course requirements, including 4 years of Math.

8. Take the SAT or ACT by October of their senior year and send results to SDSU’s Admissions Office.

9. Pass or clear the English and Math requirements as per SDSU Admissions requirements.

10. Apply for the PLTW Scholarships (refer to scholarships page on our PLTW California website for more information).

11. Students must pledge NOT to switch out of their engineering major during their first year of college.

NOTE: Registered students are NOT grandfathered into this program! Requirements for this program are subject to change at any time.




 Agreement for an Engineering Compact and Engineering Admission
The Project Lead the Way Affiliate Institute and San Diego State University have agreed that a college preparation program  and support partnership would provide a valuable mechanism for increasing the number and percentage of high school graduates interested in studying engineering at SDSU. Toward that end, the partners have developed an Engineering Compact to serve the SDSU service area students beginning with those engineering majors admitted for the Fall 2007 semester.

The PLTW Affiliate Institute’s Commitment
As part of this Compact, the Affiliate Institute agrees to improve the preparation of K-12 students for professions in engineering by promoting and supporting the teaching of PLTW courses in California schools. National assessment of students that have participated in the program has shown that these students are better prepared for two and four-year engineering programs. The PLTW program of pre-engineering courses has improved the retention of students and reduced their time to graduation. In addition, it has exposed more students to these fields of study and will, most likely, increase the numbers of students entering into engineering professions.
Working with SDSU and the PLTW schools, the Affiliate Institute will provide:
§         A clear statement of expectations to participating students and their counselors
§         A systematic program of parent communication and education
§         Assistance with preparation and review of student portfolios
§         A PLTW teacher/advisor at the student’s school
§         Tracking of the student’s annual progress
§         Regular contact with counselors for progress reports
§         Access to scholarships and internships
§         Engineering and design competitions to further engage the students
§         Access to tours and other special events at the College of Engineering
§         Access to the Engineering Honors program for the local high school juniors and seniors
§         A student mentor in the College of Engineering for their freshman year

San Diego State University's Commitment
As part of this Compact, San Diego State University will provide all entering PLTW students who graduate from a high school within the SDSU service area who complete the following requirements, a guarantee of admission at San Diego State in the College of Engineering.
       Complete the rigorous college preparation program agreed upon by the PLTW Affiliate Institute and San Diego State University including having completed at least two PLTW courses with a minimum score of 80%
  Successfully complete the CSU required basic subjects (A-G requirements) with a grade point average of 3.0 or better along with four years of mathematics
    Clear the EPT and ELM, demonstrating that they have no remedial needs in English or Math
     Have taken the SAT or ACT
San Diego State University and the PLTW Affiliate Institute are committed to an inclusionary/supportive model that allows students who fall behind in meeting benchmarks to accelerate back on target to qualify. Toward that end, we will:
§         Share college engineering course expectations and benchmark work samples with PLTW teachers, counselors and administrators,
§         Assist and support PLTW students in the College of Engineering with structured programs designed to reduce the college dropout rate,
§         Monitor student achievement and continue to implement practices that encourage learning by all students,
§         Develop a comprehensive student orientation and visitation program for pre-collegiate advisement including: major selection, financial aid, and other college entrance issues,
§         Develop a comprehensive parent orientation and visitation program for pre-collegiate advisement including: major selection, financial aid, and other college entrance issues,
§         Encourage University alumni to volunteer as speakers or mentors to PLTW schools,
§         Provide feedback to the PLTW school staff on level of achievement of PLTW students at the University.

The PLTW School’s Commitment
The Affiliate Institute will work with the participating PLTW schools to secure commitments to:
§         Provide a PLTW counselor for the student and a PLTW teacher who is willing to be an advisor/mentor to the student and a member of the advisory committee,
§         Provide general support for the PLTW program.
The Student’s Commitment
It is the student’s responsibility to:
§         Follow the rules with respect to the CSU entrance requirements,
§         Complete all other enrollment requirements after admission, such as submission of intent-to-enroll and attending summer orientation,
§         Meet with their counselor or advisor regularly,
§         Provide grades and progress information to the Affiliate Institute semi-annually,
§         Submit a portfolio of work to the Affiliate Institute by January of the year they intend to enter SDSU, and
§         Apply for internships and scholarships through SDSU.
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