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All fees for the SDSU Summer Training Institute are due before training begins   (contact the other training sites directly for information on their costs and requirements)

Registration Process:
1. Your School must be registered as a Project Lead the Way school.

2. You must be registered as a Project Lead the Way teacher.

3. Go to the Teacher Registration area of the NATIONAL PLTW website at

4. Submit the form and you will receive an automatic "Thank you for registering" email.

5. Payment or a Purchase Order is required before the teachers attend training. Contact the coordinator at the site (see training schedule) for more information.

Registration Fees:
$2,500 for two-week course, $1,250 for one-week ... includes lunch and parking

$1,200 for two weeks, $600 for one week ....... includes breakfast and dinner

Other Fees:
loaner laptop  $300 (if attendee arrives with inadequate laptop/software)

registration: $1,000 ($500 one-week), housing $900 ($450 one-week)  ...  if done after May 30