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::..::Goals and Benefits of National Recognition::..::

• Encourage schools in the PLTW network to excel in reaching exemplary PLTW standards

• Ensure college-level quality from a distance in all schools in the PLTW network

• Provide an opportunity for interested students to receive college, transcripted credit and recognition

• Highlight the importance of PLTW trained instructors

• Nationally recognize secondary schools which have achieved excellence

• Strengthen the commitment of schools to the on-going maintenance of quality of the program

• Foster increased enrollment in engineering and engineering technology by enhancing the benefits to students and their schools


Middle School Recognition Program

The Middle School Standard of Excellence program recognizes middle schools that have successfully implemented the Gateway curriculum. The process parallels the High School Certification program in quality standards.

High School Certification

Under the PLTW/School Agreement signed by districts, all high schools can be certified by the second year in the program and re-certified every five years after. This process requires schools to demonstrate that they meet PLTW’s quality standards in professional development of teachers and counselors; the implementation of curriculum using required equipment and software; the formation of a Partnership Team, and several others.

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