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PLTW now offers five programs:

Engineering, Computer Science and Biomedical Science for high schools, Gateway for the middle schools and Launch for grades K-5.

Each course has a series of lessons which provide an introduction, a list of concepts, specific national standards in math, science, technology and English/language arts for the lessons, objectives, essential questions, key terms, day-by-day activities, and instructional resources.


[UPDATE] Additional Curriculum for the PLTW Programs   High School Biomedical Science
  Middle School Gateway
solar.jpgSolar power curriculum for IED (2 zip files). Unzip the files and then unblock the CHM files under "properties"

Inventor Files

star.jpgAdditional content for the Introduction to Design course ("f"/VPA approval)

  Principles of Biomedical Science

Human Body Systems

Medical Interventions

Biomedical Innovations (Capstone Course)

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  Design and Modeling

The Magic of Electrons

The Science of Technology

Automation and Robotics

Aerospace Technology

Energy and the Environment

Medical Detective

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K-5 Launch
  High School Computer Science
  High School Engineering
(Kindergarten) Exploring Design
(Kindergarten) Pushes and Pulls

(First Grade) Light and Sound
(First Grade) Observing the Sun, Moon, & Stars

(Second Grade) Properties of Matter
(Second Grade) Form and Function

(Third Grade) Science of Flight
(Third Grade) Forces and Interaction

(Fourth Grade) Collisions
(Fourth Grade) Conversion

(Fifth Grade) Robotics and Automation
(Fifth Grade) Challenge

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  (ICS, 0.5 year)
Intro to Computer Science

(CSE, 1 year)
Computer Science & Software Engineering

(CSA, 1 year)
Computer Science Applications 

(SAM, 0.5 year)
Simulation and Modeling 

(AI, 0.5 year)
Artificial Intelligence 

(SEC, 0.5 year)

(CPS, 1 year)
Computational Problem Solving

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Introduction to Engineering

Digital Electronics

Principles of Engineering

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Engineering Design and Development

Civil Engineering and Architecture


Aerospace Engineering

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