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Why should you be interested in Project Lead The Way?

Because we have developed a hands-on, project based approach to learning that better prepares students for the rigors of college. Our program incorporates math, science, English, and technology skills needed for success.

PLTW is the only pre-engineering/engineering technology program of its kind in the nation. It is presently offered in over 3,000 schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and is affiliated with such groups as NASA, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, American Society of Electrical Engineers, American Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and others. PLTW is endorsed as a STEM program by the AIA and NDIA, among others.

Our professional development program will also help to improve your skills as a teacher and provide you with a class that students come to early, leave late and truly enjoy.

How can I become involved in teaching PLTW courses?

Become knowledgeable of the PLTW program, standards, requirements, and experience by reviewing this website. Contact your principal to express your interest in introducing PLTW courses to your district; inform your principal that s/he may request free materials/DVD on the program by going to 'Contacting PLTW/Information Requests'. Once that occurs, other opportunities may become available, such as, visiting schools in the PLTW network, or attending informational meetings if scheduled in your area.

Must I follow the PLTW course and pedagogy or may I make adjustments?

PLTW establishes the content and pedagogy to meet its high standards in whatever school or in whatever state these courses are taught. If PLTW fails to meet its standards, PLTW will change the content through teacher involvement; after program updates, the content and/or pedagogy may be modified to reflect updates. 


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