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1. Created a fully integrated STEM curriculum in an engineering context for secondary schools utilizing a collaborative process engaging higher education, business and industry and government.

2. Created a dynamic and interactive model of leadership and support for higher education, business and industry, and government, maximizing experiential knowledge of the K-12 culture to benefit students, teachers and invested stakeholders.

3. Created a teacher professional development system that provides prescription, immersion and continuous support.

4. Created a school counselor professional development system that provides STEM education awareness, and future higher education and workforce needs.

5. Developed a system for integrating rigorous and relevant STEM curricula and professional development resulting in improved student achievement in mathematics, science and English Language Arts (SREB, 2004, 2006)

6. Prioritized the inclusion of program evaluation and student assessment from the outset, resulting in expanding data analysis opportunities on the effectiveness of STEM curricula integration overtime.

7. Achieved a business plan that sustains the organization's commitment to its network of schools and other partners into the future.

8. Selected as the national oversight organization for the STEM Career Cluster by the National State Directors of Career and Technical Education consortia.

9. Identified in the report of the National Academy of Engineering, National Academy of Science and the Institute of Medicine, "Rising Above The Gathering Storm: Engaging and Energizing America for a Brighter Economic Future," as a model curriculum for its recommendation of creating "K-12 curriculum materials based on world-class standards." (2005)

10. Recognized by the Bayer Science Foundation as a K-12 Best Practices STEM Education Program. (2006) Recognized by the Manhattan Institute for Social Entrepreneurship as a program that "fosters greater economic choice and individual responsibility." (2006)

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