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Chevron Introduces Teens to Engineering from PLTW California on Vimeo.

California Project Lead The Way works toward helping local schools provide students with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to pursue a career in science, mathematics, and engineering.

Our Goals are to: 

  Increase the number of young people, without regard to gender or ethnic origin, who pursue science, engineering and technology related careers requiring a two or four year degree.

  Increase females and underrepresented groups entering science, engineering and technology related careers.

  Provide relevant programs that help prep students and prepared them for a highly skilled working environment.

 Develop assessment tools to evaluate the success of  PLTW California.

 Support the development of all teachers, and counselors.

 Increase the value of PLTW California by enhancing the image and visibility by our effectivenesss and results.

Our Objectives are to: 

 Increase the number of students the in college science, mathematics, engineering and engineering technology programs.

 Establish college credit for PLTW courses with two and four-year colleges.

 Establish collaborations with other organizations whose mission is consistent with PLTW.

 Establish school partnerships throughout the State.

 Make schools within given communities aware of the availability of different specialty courses in the PLTW curriculum.

 Have and maintain a central PLTW website where educators are linked to information, activities, and events ongoing nationally and within the state.

 Develop partnerships with college and university departments of engineering to encourage engineering students to minor in education, eventually leading to teacher certification in addition to their formal degrees in engineering.

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