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State Contact Information

  • sdsu Dr. Duane Crum
    State Leader

    (858) 414-6534
  • PLTW Karen Latuner
    Director of School Engagement  PLTW

    (310) 977-3647
  • eastbay Dr. Oscar Wambuguh
    Director, Biomedical Science Affiliate
    Director, Prehealth Academic Program
    (510) 885-3252

  • sdsu Dr. Eugene Hirschkoff
    Director of Program Quality

    (619) 992-6301
  • sdsu  Michelle Bunn, MA
    Associate Director, Affiliate Institute
    School Programs Manager

    (619) 316-3015
  • sdsu Dr. Bruce Westermo
    Director, Engineering Affiliate Institute
    Associate Dean, College of Engineering

    (619) 594-7007

..::Goals & Objectives::..

California Project Lead The Way works toward helping local schools provide students with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to pursue a career in science, mathematics, and engineering.

Our Goals are to:
    • Increase the number of young people, without regard to gender or ethnic origin, who pursue science, engineering and technology related careers requiring a two or four year degree.

    • Increase females and underrepresented groups entering science, engineering and technology related careers.

    • Provide relevant programs that help prep students and prepared them for a highly skilled working environment.

    • Develop assessment tools to evaluate the success of  PLTW California.

    • Support the development of all teachers, and counselors.

    • Increase the value of PLTW California by enhancing the image and visibility by our effectivenesss and results.

Our Objectives are to: 
    • Increase the number of students the in college science, mathematics, engineering and engineering technology programs.

    • Establish college credit for PLTW courses with two and four-year colleges.

    • Establish collaborations with other organizations whose mission is consistent with PLTW.

    • Establish school partnerships throughout the State.

    • Make schools within given communities aware of the availability of different specialty courses in the PLTW curriculum.

    • Have and maintain a central PLTW website where educators are linked to information, activities, and events ongoing nationally and within the state.

    • Develop partnerships with college and university departments of engineering to encourage engineering students to minor in education, eventually leading to teacher certification in addition to their formal degrees in engineering.

    • Host PLTW Summer Training Institutes at San Diego State University and Cal Poly Pomona.